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What is this?

Salut! The first steps are always the most difficult ones, so people say.

Alors, c’est quoi? breaks the ice with French. By using different approaches through mnemonics, etymology, authentic photos and conversations we help you to get started with French in Montreal and Quebec.

No ads. No login needed. No internet required. No notifications. No in-app purchases. Available for free for early birds…

I am new in Montreal, how should I start with French?

Across the city you can find several meetup groups, either for free or for a small fee. No matter if you can’t speak a word, or if you are fluent, you should give them a try. Or check out a local language school, a personal teacher, listen to radio or watch television.

What is the idea behind the app?

The app was developed for beginners in French, who live in Montreal or Quebec. With the help of French native speakers and beginners we created a new app that teaches you words from the street – not the textbook. With funny and authentic conversations we give your learning experience a more natural and regional touch.

Should I start with Standard French or Québécois French?

We focus on Standard French. It’s well understood everywhere in Canada where people speak French. And as you go, you will learn a couple of québécois expressions on the way.

Does the app replace a language course?

No, it’s not a primary learning resource. As advertised, see it as an ice breaker or additional helper if you have no or little experience in French.

I found a bug in your app, what should I do?

Please contact us. We are dependent on feedback from our community and we reeaaally don’t like bugs or mistakes 🙂